Be a Guerrilla and Light Up the Town

April 11, 2016 | Opportunities

Play with architecture as part of a ‘flashmob’ community lighting installation as Findhorn Bay Festival celebrates Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture & Design by inviting you to work with international artists Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton of Light Collective to present Guerrilla Lighting.

Guerrilla Lighting is a community installation that will highlight the role of light in shaping the night-time character of Moray’s built and natural environment. The medium of light is used to empower individuals and communities to help create change to lighting practices in local areas.

The project will run during the six day Findhorn Bay Festival starting on September 21 and needs enthusiastic team leaders like you to make it happen in Forres and Findhorn. Volunteers will help to direct a group of lighting ‘Guerrillas’ who will each be carrying their own torch to temporarily illuminate key sites.

While appearing spontaneous to the audience, the tours will be carefully organised and planned in advance resulting in a stunning choreographed visual show. The installations will be professionally photographed and projected at the end of each tour as part of a Light Party.

Workshops to become a team leader take place on May 17 in Forres and May 18 in Findhorn and are suitable for those aged 16+. Each workshop will give you a unique insight into the process of architectural lighting design and an opportunity to learn about how colour, light and surface react.

To see some lighting projects in progress view the Guerrilla Lighting Presentation document below.

To register your interest in attending a training workshop, please email

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Guerrilla Lighting Presentation
Guerrilla Lighting in Action. Credit: Sanna Fisher-Payne