A Quest for Lost Things

From Monday 17 to Saturday 22 July, in the shadow of the Giants in the Forest at Sanquhar Woods, a group of 13 young people got immersed in a Quest for Lost Things with Vision Mechanics.

The team devised and built an exciting outdoor performance from recycled and reused materials. They had to dig out these things from beneath the trees and gave new life to them by re-imagining their stories. The team trekked the woods to find objects and created a tale for family and friends to enjoy.

On performance day, 52 guests adventured into the woods led by the Guardian of the Gate.  They dodged gobblings and egg laying rabbits before the Portal Guardian let them pass into a new world – the Fern Forest. In the Fern Forest, the brave visitors met the Fern Warriors and enjoyed a welcome dance, but troubled brewed as the Sacred Leaf was trodden on.  Heading back to the Portal Guardian and out of trouble the group found themselves in Pine Cone World and were greeted with song by the Pine Cone Army who also held a treasure of lost things.

Lots of fun was had by all being creative on this six day long summer experience which was part of the Forres Area Creative Place Programme.

About Vision Mechanics: Symon Macintyre & Kim Bergsagel (Big Man Walking Drift, Giants in the Forest, and Dragon Matrix) will lead the workshops and support participants to create a promenade performance in Sanqhuar Woods at the end of the week. As far as possible, activities are sustainable, natural, organic and compostable.

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