BioSculpture on Brodie Pond

Floating BioSculpture is a living sculpture that utilises modular floating ecosystems to create a pioneering engineered ecology. This project explored the relationships between ecology, technology, art and engineering and looks towards a future where nature and technology can function in symbiosis.

Created and installed by Forres based Biomatrix Water Solutions for the Findhorn Bay Festival on the pond at Brodie Castle, the floating ecosystem islands combine an innovative use of durable marine engineering materials with ecologically beautiful water treatment habitats. The floating ecosystem islands provide an aesthetic water feature that attract and provide healthy habitats for native wildlife, whilst also supporting good water quality.  The installation of the floating islands was carried out with volunteer support from National Trust for Scotland and 28 local primary school pupils.

To accompany the installation, local artist Lisa Shaw created and exhibited a series of paintings titled BioSculpture on Brodie Pond which were on display for three weeks at Brodie Castle Stables.

Floating BioSculpture is a permanent installation made possible with support from the National Trust for Scotland.

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