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 - 2021

Culture Café

A meeting place for the local arts community, Culture Café brings people together.

Culture Café is a meeting place for the local arts community co-founded by Findhorn Bay Arts.

Jointly founded and coordinated by Findhorn Bay Arts in partnership with Bodysurf Scotland (now Dance North Scotland), Culture Café brings people together to share ideas, make new contacts, develop partnership and build new collaborations, provide peer support and, of course, enjoy excellent local food and drink.

Each event is hosted by a different arts organisation in partnership with a local venue. There have been over 10 Culture Café events since the start of the initiative in 2011, hosted by a range of individuals and organisations.

Culture Café has been used to launch projects, establish sector-wide strategies and introduce partners from health and social care, business and education.  

Culture Cafés are currently supported through the Creative Place Programme award which supports the costs towards six Culture Café events.

Find out more by reading the Culture Café Manifesto here.

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