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Window Wanderland Forres

The streets of Forres, Findhorn, Kinloss, Dyke and Rafford brought smiles to hundreds of people over Valentine’s weekend as Findhorn Bay Arts celebrated its first Window Wanderland event.
Hand-drawn illustration in bold colours of a snowy Forres high street with illuminated windows.

The streets of Forres, Findhorn, Kinloss, Dyke and Rafford brought smiles to hundreds of people over Valentine’s weekend 2021 as Findhorn Bay Arts’ celebrated its first Window Wanderland event.

Local people lit up the streets with window based artworks to show their community what LOVE IS… to them during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over 100+ windows were created by an estimated 300+ people of all ages from local households, families, businesses, and schools in the Forres area signed up as window-makers in this covid-safe community art project where colour and light filled the streets with window-based artworks around the theme of Love is.

Community organisations and local businesses got involved, bringing a real community feel to the project.

Over 80 pupils from local primary schools joined forces with Macbeth’s Butchers, Forres Credit Union, and the Forres Police Station who displayed the pupils’ artworks in their building windows.

Constable MacDonald, Forres Local Policing Team said: “Everyone showed great Community spirit which has brightened up the town of Forres during such challenging times.”

Whether as a ‘Window-Maker’, or a ‘Wanderer’ over Valentine’s weekend, this was an event that the WHOLE family enjoyed.

About Window Wanderland

Lucy Reeves Khan was inspired to start Window Wanderland after experiencing years of isolation after chronic illnesses. The former set designer would take short nightly rehabilitation walks around her neighbourhood in Bristol.

“I noticed that if my neighbours’ curtains were open, I didn’t hurt so much. At first, I assumed I was just nosy, but I soon realized it was the warmth of the light and the sense of kinship that was making me happy.”

Inspired to create a community festival filled with light and life, she organised the first Window Wanderland in 2015. Since then, hundreds of Window Wanderlands have been organised by communities around the world, spreading happiness and bringing people together.

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