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Sound Horn

Sound Horn by Katie Anderson presented in partnership with Cryptic.

Public artist Katie Anderson’s Sound Horn was presented in the beautiful grounds of Brodie Castle during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As one of the first opportunities for audiences in Moray to enjoy a live cultural event following the Covid-19 lockdown, the Sound Horn was visited by over 700 people between from Wednesday 19th to Sunday 23rd August.

The outdoor installation provided an opportunity to enjoy a calming, creative exploration of the natural environment with Sound Horn, a cluster of six upturned, person-sized gramophone speakers created in copper and aluminium sheet metal, each emitting one part of a field-recorded composition – choral notes, spoken word parts and a bassline hum.

A poignant musical promenade through a series of magical soundscapes, the 12 minute sound loop had three pieces of music, two choral and one electronic, with one audience member commenting that it is “calming, beautiful, made me want to stay for ages in the garden and just listen”.

Sound Horn was the first of a series of events to replace the 4th Findhorn Bay Festival, continuing a partnership with Cryptic established with the successful installation Breaking Reverie at the 3rd Findhorn Bay Festival in 2018.

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