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What's Happening / Paid Performance Opportunity for Young Musicians
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Paid Performance Opportunity for Young Musicians

This event has now passed.

Magnetic North is looking for young musicians to be part of its production, Lost in Music, at the 4th Findhorn Bay Festival.

 Are you aged 16-25?
 Do you sing or play an instrument?
 Do you love music?

Magnetic North is looking for young musicians to be part of its production, Lost in Music, at the 4th Findhorn Bay Festival.

What is Lost in Music?

Lost in Music is a gig-theatre performance being created by composer Kim Moore and director/writer Nicholas Bone and produced by Magnetic North, a theatre company based in Edinburgh.

Lost in Music has been built around interviews with young people about what music means to them. 

Live music telling their stories, interwoven with the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, will be performed by a multi-talented ensemble of 4 performer/musicians.

What is the opportunity?

We are looking for up to 6 young musicians to be part of a performance of Lost in Music at the 4th Findhorn Bay Festival on Sunday 25 September (Dyke Village Hall, 7pm).

The musicians will learn a piece of music and will perform it alongside the professional cast as part of the performances. We are looking for instrumentalists (for example, guitarists, bassists, keyboard players) and singers. 

This will be led by our Music Animateur, Marie-Gabrielle Koumenda. Marie-Gabrielle is an
accomplished musician herself and a singer-songwriter performing under the artist name Djana Gabrielle.

Where does it take place?

The performance will take place at Dyke Village Hall on Sunday 25 September (7pm)

Will I get paid?

Yes!  We will pay you for rehearsal and performance sessions at the National Minimum Wage for 23 year olds (£9.50/hour).

How much time will it involve?

The exact schedule will need agreeing but you will need to commit to attending a few rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the performance and in the week of the performance.

During the week of the performance itself, you would also need to commit to attending a late afternoon / early evening rehearsal on the day before the show; then a dress rehearsal and the performance itself. Each session will probably be approximately 2 hours long and the show itself is about 1 hour long.

Additional support

If you require any additional support in your access to the rehearsal spaces and around your ability
to perform as part of this project, please get in touch to discuss and we can talk through how we can
help facilitate this with you.

How can I get involved?

Send us the following information by (deadline date):

 Your name
 Your age
 The instrument you play
 Any links to your music or to you performing 
 Why you’d like to get involved 
 If you’d also like to work with us on marketing / promoting the show
 Your contact details

Email Marie at and we’ll get back to you.

Any other questions?

You can send us an email:

Tweet @magnorththeatre

Facebook message:

About Marie-Gabrielle Koumenda (Music Animateur)

Marie-Gabrielle is a French-Cameroonian singer-songwriter performing under the artist name Djana Gabrielle.

Before setting out on her musical journey, she studied International Humanitarian Law and specialised in Children’s rights. She subsequently worked for various Children’s rights charities in the UK and abroad (Peru, Cambodia and France) and gained a lot of experience working with and for young people. 

A few years back she decided to shift her focus to music and since then has been honing her craft on the French and Scottish music scene. A 2019 Celtic Connections Danny Kyle Stage Winner, and one of the “most note-worthy performances” at the 2019 Kintyre Songwriters’ Festival, she hopes to keep on introducing her soulful, soothing and melodious sound to new audiences in Scotland and beyond in the years to come. 

Lately, she has also been combining her love for music and theatre, and has been commissioned to develop work with the Young Musicians at Lyra to create a narrative gig for their 2022 Bright & Wild Festival.  Down the line, she wishes to produce more theatre and musical work with children and young people at the centre of the creative process.

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