About Us / Strategy & Values

Strategy & Values

Our strategic aims are guided by the following vision, mission and objectives:


Moray is a place of creative opportunity for artists, audiences and participants.


To produce creative events and experiences across different art forms that engage
with Moray audiences and attract visitors to the region.


  • To produce high quality cultural events that attract local and visiting audiences
    resulting in cultural, social and economic benefit for the Moray and the surrounding
  • To grow audiences of all ages through long-term engagement with creative
  • To encourage participation in cultural activities, removing barriers to awareness and
  • To support artists in developing, interpreting and presenting artworks that engage with
    and respond to a wide variety of themes and the area.
  • To develop a sustainable company with appropriate ongoing resources to deliver our


Creative Excellence and Experimentation

We seek to empower and nurture creative ideas and creative people – and are committed to providing opportunities and support for artists of all ages and levels of experience, from the emerging practitioner to the seasoned professional.

Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion

Findhorn Bay Arts is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all. All those involved in Findhorn Bay Arts activities will be engaged with on the basis of their ability and merits and accordingly to their suitability to the activity and subsequent requirements of any assignment. No one will be disadvantaged by a condition or requirement, which is not justified by the genuine needs of the activity or task.

Culture and Language

We strive to embrace, celebrate and reflect the intrinsic diversity of the people and communities that we work with. In particular, we recognise the importance that language plays in having equal relevance in the make-up of Scotland’s communities. In our work, we seek to identify ways to strengthen the awareness of, engagement with, and connection to the place of languages as appropriate to each project and context. As well as our indigenous languages of English, Gaelic, Scots and British Sign Language, we welcome and embrace the languages of New Scots living in our communities.


We are mindful of and will continually work towards improving the environmental footprint and impact of our events and activities – striving to operate ultimately with a ‘leave no trace’ ethic. We will actively participate in monitoring our impacts and learning how to make practical improvements in these areas.


We are deeply committed to partnership working in everything we do. We strive to build and sustain meaningful connections with individuals and organisations – as project partners and as co-creators. We embrace our responsibility to nurture and support the wider development of the cultural sector within Moray and more widely across Scotland. 

Policies & Documents

Business Plan 2021 – 2024

In 2021 Findhorn Bay Arts published its three year business plan covering the period 2021-24.