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Macbeth: The Remix

Commissioned for the Findhorn Bay Arts Festival 2014, Macbeth: The Remix saw Shakespeare's classic tale transformed.

Produced by Findhorn Bay Arts and Arts in Motion, as part of the 1st Findhorn Bay Arts Festival in 2014, Macbeth: The Remix saw this classic tale of ambition and treachery reworked and remixed into a stunning open-air production.

With stunning video projections and fire sculptures, dramatic live action and music, and a strong community involvement from pipers, martial artists, plus an especially formed remix choir and live band, this was a one hour production of Macbeth like never seen before.

All staged in the grounds of spectacular Brodie Castle, the imaginative 21st Century remix brought Shakespeare’s infamous ‘Scottish Play’ to life in a creatively explosive, post-modern production that placed the audience directly at the heart of the bloody battle for Alba’s future.

A themed market set the tone for the audience on arrival, with street theatre and performance installations, plus stalls from local businesses such as Speyside Craft Brewery and Macbeth’s Butchers.

Shown over four nights, ticket sales for the production exceeded all expectations, with additional capacity added each night to satisfy the exceptional demand.

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