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Blog / AMP:Music : One Year On

AMP:Music : One Year On

In this blog, music maker Lewis Lowe shares his thoughts on the past 12 months as our AMP:Music Trainee.

So I’ve never really written a blog per se so this is all new to me but here goes!

I started the AMP Trainee role with FBA almost a year ago already, which is mad to think about. It’s been quite a disjointed year, due to Covid, but all in all I feel like we’ve achieved some really good things so far. 

All of the guests on last year’s online Open Training programme have been really great and have all had something new and interesting to say during each session.

“The conversations have felt more like informal chats with friends and I think that is really crucial to keeping folks engaged.”

I’ve been to far too many dry and boring workshops that actually cause you to switch off early and not pay any attention. I’m really glad ours are not like that, so far.

In the beginning the sessions were quite stressful, we had a Covid scare and postponement or two but once they were running they became really enjoyable, even if somewhat nerve-wracking “getting up” on the virtual stage each week.

I think I manage each week to convince myself I am going to clam up and not have anything to say or that the guest and I won’t see eye to eye and it will be awkward and yet each week those fears are unfounded! Haha. 

I think the greatest challenge has been making sure to dedicate enough time to the project as I work full time outside of FBA, that and chasing folks for info for the sessions.

So all in all not too challenging on that front but for sure challenging my lack of confidence in front of the camera.

I think going forward I will use this experience to help bolster my own creative work with my record label.

“I have always wanted to host discussions and workshops around my own work and that of the wider community I’m part of but had never felt confident in holding that kind of space.”

In some respects being forced to do it each week takes away the build up of pressure and I’ve now done a couple when I’ve been ill or felt unprepared and they have been good so that gives me hope!

Starting this year with Covid has meant some forced downtime which I have really needed and now I’m ready for the second portion of the programme. 

AMP:Music will be back with a new programme of sessions for young music makers in Moray this month. To find out more, visit the project page or keep an eye on our social media.

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